Permission to Land (20th Anniversary Limited Edition)

Album tone in a box: Permission to Land is a limited edition guitar pedal celebrating 20th anniversary of one of rock's greatest albums

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The tone of The Darkness! To celebrate their seminal album, Justin and Dan give you the guitar sound we've all been rocking out to for two decades. 

A Thing Called Your New Favorite Pedal*

*) High-pitched vocals to be supplied by you

The Hawkins Brothers unlock their tonal secrets in this multi-faceted, dual distortion stompbox.

Get Your Hands Off My Distortion

Permission to Land gives you dual distortion paths: Justin and Dan.

Justin gives a massive overdrive with an aggressive character, perfect for when you want that power and punch.

Dan brings an organic, tube-like overdrive like a cracked classic British amp, with an iconic sound of the era. 

You can adjust the volume, gain, EQ levels, and MASTER control for each channel. For a unique tone, mix and blend Justin and Dan to create your own original blend.

Touching the LO FI Switch, Touching you: Vintage Radio Sound

The unique LO FI switch gives a distinct filter effect to your sound like an old vintage radio, perfect for adding some charm or creative experimentation to your playing.

Justin and Dan partnered with an acclaimed pedal maker to capture their iconic sound.

All pedals are made from studio-grade audio components, hand-assembled and guitar tested in the EU. 

This is a limited edition; each pedal ships with a numbered certificate signed by Justin and Dan, making it a true collector's item for the rock ages.

About the artwork: The art by Chiara Mazzoni shares the color scheme of artwork accompanying PtL album release, with the absurd motifs of paddles and octopus drawing inspiration from the video for 'I Believe in a Thing Called Love'. 

Within this composition lie subtle allusions to the band's notable achievements and the triumphant ascent of their inaugural album, for instance 3 paddles for 3 Brit awards, 7 bug-like creatures for 7 albums to date, and 4 aliens representing the band going platinum 4 times in the UK.


Explore the tone

About Permission To Land Pedal

The "Permission To Land" guitar pedal, a signature creation of The Darkness, brings powerful distortion and versatility to your playing. With dual distortion paths, independent volume controls, shared EQ section, MASTER control, and a unique Solo Mode, this pedal is designed to deliver the band's iconic sound in your hands.


  • Parallel Distortion Paths: Justin and Dan
  • Independent Volume Controls for Justin and Dan
  • Shared GAIN Knob for Both Channels
  • Shared MASTER Control
  • Footswitchable Solo Mode with Dedicated GAIN 2

1. Getting Started

Connecting the Pedal

Plug your guitar into the input jack on the pedal.
Connect the pedal's output jack to your amplifier or sound equipment.
Insert the provided power adapter into the pedal's power input.
Power Requirements

The "Permission To Land" pedal requires 9 volts power supply.

Bypass Mode

The pedal features a true bypass mode for maintaining a direct signal path. To activate bypass stomp on left foortswitch named Bypass. When LED is shining, pedal is active. 

2. Controls and Functions

Justin Channel Volume

Adjusts the volume of the Justin distortion path. Turn clockwise to increase volume, counterclockwise to decrease it.

Dan Channel Volume

Controls the volume of the Dan distortion path. Rotate clockwise to raise volume, counterclockwise to lower it.


This shared knob adjusts the overall distortion gain for both Justin and DAN channels. Turn clockwise for more gain and distortion, counterclockwise for less.


Shape your tone with the shared EQ controls. Adjust BASS for low frequencies, MIDDLE for midrange frequencies, and TREBLE for high frequencies.

Shared MASTER Control

The MASTER control sets the overall output level of the pedal. Turn clockwise to increase the output volume, counterclockwise to lower it.

Solo Mode and GAIN 2

Engaging the footswitch activates Solo Mode, providing a boost for solos or intense sections. GAIN 2 knob sets the boost's gain level.

3. Using Distortion Paths

Justin Distortion Path

The Justin path provides a fat and massive overdriven tone with a tight bottom end, modern voicing, and aggressive character. It's the perfect choice for modern rock and metal tones that demand power and punch. Whether you're chugging out riffs or delivering searing solos, the Justin path ensures your guitar tone stands out with authority.

Dan Distortion Path

The Dan distortion path offers an organic and dynamic tube-like overdrive reminiscent of cranked classic British amplifiers. Its warmth and character are akin to the iconic sound of a certain era, delivering a rich and harmonically textured tone. The DAN path captures the essence of that celebrated sound, allowing you to channel that legendary energy into your playing.

Blending Distortion Paths

Experiment with different combinations of Justin and DAN channels to create a unique tonal blend. Adjust the volume, gain, EQ levels, and MASTER control for each channel accordingly.

4. Footswitchable Solo Mode

Activating Solo Mode

Press the Solo footswitch to engage the Solo Mode. 

Solo mode affects Dan path only. 

LED indicators will confirm activation.

Adjusting GAIN 2

In Solo Mode, use the GAIN 2 knob to set the boost's gain level. This lets you switch to a powerful lead sound instantly.

5. LO FI Switch

The "Permission To Land" pedal features a unique LO FI switch that introduces a distinct filter effect to your sound. When the LO FI switch is engaged, it adds a touch of nostalgia by emulating the sound of old vintage radios. This effect imparts a lo-fi, textured character to your tone, perfect for adding a touch of vintage charm or creative experimentation to your playing.

To activate the LO FI filter, simply toggle the LO FI switch to the ON position. Experiment with this feature to add a unique and evocative layer to your sound.